“Searching for Aphrodite”
by Private Policy for SS21

At the heart of Private Policy’s SS21 collection is a holistic and high fashion approach to healing after a long, hard year. Soft whites, creams, and subtle pastels blend together to reflect the brand’s unique softness, while black faux leather brings edginess to the collection. The concept, “Searching for Aphrodite,” strives to open the viewer’s eyes to a world of beauty outside of a single standard, and to search for muses that use color and design to express their individuality and uniqueness.

Much of the collection is made from refurbished or recycled materials, like a holographic purple sash made from recycled CDs, which helps to bring the collection back to the healing roots of nature. Poly faux leather, biodegradable nylon, and silk are peppered throughout the pieces, and the combination of materials gives the collection a calm, yet powerful air.

Half of the looks are comprised of bold, black faux lather and mesh. Pants, trench coats, and skirts are made from the shiny leather, with asymmetrical skirt lines and purposeful tears accenting the garments. The second half of the collection transitions to a more pastel tone, with light purple, monochrome looks walking the runway. Handbags and bold patterns are complimented by soft cargo pants and intimate wear, and the fine, unexpected details of the pieces mirror each other. The clear standout of the lilac looks is a thin purple evening gown with an elegant holographic sash adorning one shoulder. The looks fade to a seafoam green, bringing with it a sea of calmness and tranquility.

That tranquility is the essence of the collection; Private Policy’s SS21 looks are designed to instill a sense of peace during a chaotic time in history, and to challenge the way we perceive beauty as we watch it come down the runway. Each piece in the collection has its own unique beauty, just like the designers believe each individual person does.

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