Runway Report:

“Femmes Voyageant”
by Dur Doux for RESORT21

The Dur Doux woman loves the lavish and colorful, and longs for luxury. For their NYFW debut, the label brought these elements together and sent them down the runway in their resort collection, where the “Femmes Voyageant” or “women traveling” rule. Each garment works to show viewers how close a resort-style getaway can be, and how stylish it can become. Deep v-necklines, fabric roses, yards of tulle, and glamorous embellishments accent each look, along with a sexy chicness that drives the collection to the forefront of the show.

Dur Doux’s designs emphasize quality over quantity, and strive to show today’s modern, fun-loving woman that she can have it all. Bold, artistic prints and dramatic lines draw the viewer’s eye, while the beachy handbags and sun hats leave viewers yearning for a little time in the sun. Bright colors and fitted dresses give way to lengths of forest and Kelly green tulle, adorned with ruby red pumps and jeweled pant legs. The use of oversized wide-brim hats is an ode to all things romantic and luxurious, and the collection’s brightness and zest for life lights up the runway.

This focus on all things romantic and relaxing is what stands out in this collection. Models tip their hats as they pose in soft, cream colored dresses, with sprawling tigers and world maps printed across them. Tulle and bright colors leave the viewer with an almost beachy “bungalow” feel, without sacrificing any of the luxurious jewels or flowing gowns to get it. Prints of dancing women in sandals, bright orange and soft pink circles, and even Frida Khalo grace each garment. A simple, soft silhouette is also featured, with a high neckline and a brown, sheer material, reminding women who travel to let their simple elegance shine through as well.

The essence of “Femmes Voyageant”? To remind every woman that she is a goddess, and that celebrating her strength and beauty should be an everyday occurrence.

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