Oqliq FW20 at New York Fashion Week

Words by The FashioNinja

New to the scene, Oqliq brings weekender vibes to their fall/winter 2020 gender-neutral collection.

The Taiwan based brand oqLiq debuted their “Omni Direction” collection at New York Fashion Week, featuring looks for a fashionable mountain hike or a stroll in the SOHO streets. Traditionally a menswear line, oqLiq made its first ever mark on the Western scene with a unisex approach, showcasing a few women’s looks and casting men for the rest of the collection – staying true to gender neutrality in the fashion industry today.

“Omni Direction” reimagines the outdoor look showcasing juxtaposing color levels in trench coats and short jackets: highlighting great attention to tailoring and details like curved zippers on trench coats, hidden buttons and zippers for convertibility. Vests also made their mark throughout the collection, several looks — some sleek and simple with swinging belts, ribbon detailing and others oversized with exterior pockets. Noticeably bold hemlines and narrow, yet asymmetrical lapels were just some details that distinguished the streetwear collection and made it easy to dress up.

The majority of “Omni Direction” is ready for a variety of weather activity, rain or shine, with several unique details like geometrical patchwork and irregular arrangement of pockets on coats and pants. Darker hues dominated the collection: navy, olive, grey, charcoal, taupe and black, with layered pieces a few shades both darker and lighter. Fabrics and textiles used throughout the collection were Polartec, nylon, poly and cotton. Each look was paired with edgy hair and makeup by Romana’s Beauty team on a parade of diverse and unique models.

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