Neon, fur, texture and New York were front and center for Xia’s FW19 collection. Oh, and Hello Kitty showed up too…

Designers often pay homage to the places that inspire them, especially when they fall in love with wherever that may be. For Leaf Xia, that place is New York City. The Chinese born designer spent six years studying at Parsons and doing what all good fashion students do, running the streets of NYC, having amazing adventures that would ultimately create a career-defining collection.

In my mind the designer did her best to combine all the elements to make New York winters less bleak. Imagine hopping on the subway in a seafoam green bubble coat with hand stitched stars, or passing strangers in a snowstorm with Hello Kitty on your back. If you can do those things then you not only get the gist of Xia’s collection, you’ll probably want to be her BFF.

Fashion is what makes New York so much fun, so the designers whimsical return to the city allowed for plaid pastel pink trench coats and neon colored skirts to create a great escape for all who caught the show. The black shape filled poncho would have made a young Carrie Bradshaw proud. Every look was infectious and just what the cold streets of New York needed.



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