Diana Couture x Reinhardt Kenneth Inspire Hope Through Unity
in New Fashion Film

2020 has been anything but predictable, but in an authentic effort to elevate herself as a designer, Diana Putri and her son Reinhardt Kenneth teamed together to put forth a collection in collaboration with Thailand Fashion Week’s virtual platform. Putri’s elaborate and detail-focused designs, paired with Kenneth’s directorial and photographic eye, bring an element of life and hope back to 2020 that we all so desperately need.

The collection itself is brought on by a vision of the world at the height of the pandemic. With issues like COVID-19, xenophobia, racism, and police brutality, Kenneth wanted to use his artistic eye and his mother’s designs to shed light on the important and pivotal moments of the year. It’s a momentous time in history to get messages across through art and to focus on diversity and inclusion, and that’s exactly what Diana and Reinhardt did with this project. The models, stylists, directors, and photographers were all diverse and unified on set, and collaborated in a joined way with an air of togetherness. This is the passion behind the project.

Diana’s designs, of course, are the pinnacle of the project. Fabulous golds and silvers adorn models and flash across the screen. Each piece stuns and shines in an avant-garde fashion that almost speaks to the grandiosity of the year. Large, fan-like sleeves, yards of folded tulle, and miles of rhinestones are utilized in the final pieces. Models are dressed in whites, reds, golds, and blacks and waves of fabric are folded into each other as they flow across elaborate hallways. Opulent, encrusted face masks adorn models’ faces and the air of desperation is heightened by jewels and fiery tones.

The sheer uniqueness and boldness of the designs hint at the extremeness of the year, but that no matter what you can always channel your pain to create beauty. The models that wear the clothes walk, run, and sprint away from the pain of the year, all the while modeling the beauty and essence of each look. Each muse that modeled the clothing spoke to their hurts and blessings of the year, and during their photo sessions in the pieces screamed, cried, and danced their way through 2020.

“If I’m going to harness my hurt, at least let something beautiful come out of it.”

–– Tiffanie Marie, Model

The collection focuses on the change of the world, the change that has happened this year and the change that is needed to move forward. Time heals everything, and the beauty and love that went into these pieces and this project is a part of that healing. The collection represents love and healing for everyone from all walks of life, and promise of hope for the future that we’re building together. In his exit interview Reinhardt gave a PSA where he urged others to wear a mask, to know that all Black Lives Matter, that Asian people are not this virus, and that immigrants built this country. He stresses that equality is important and that the way we treat each other has a dire effect on the outcome of our lives. He says that the real issue in the world right now is the lack of kindness and compassion that we have for our neighbors, and he and his mother hope that this art, this collection, brings people together in a way that puts hope and light into the world.


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