LA Based Online Boutique Offers
Enhanced Shopping for Indian Fashion

Words Sonam Naidu

Initiated from a divine quest to create memorable pieces that will be cherished for generations, e-commerce boutique, Kynah prevails at the forefront of Indian luxury fashion. Kynah reimagines how fashionistas analyze and flaunt traditional wear by empowering women to embrace a personalized experience of contemporary bridal wear, chic guest attire, or playful resort wear.

Beyond a shopping destination, the female founded business offers accessible designer clothing and accessories that celebrate the riches of Indian tradition and craft through the commendable process of creating exquisite modern designs. Since 2017, Kynah triumphs to offer an exclusive range of fashionable pieces – in hopes that memories between each fancy bead and each strand of intricate thread, will be passed down as treasurable heirlooms.

Based out of Los Angeles, California, founder Aisha Rawji launched her online store with a mission to redefine the shopping experience for Indian attire. Growing up in complete awe of the women who shopped in her mom’s clothing store, RAAZ, Aisha was fascinated by the movements, colors, and jewels of each ornate outfit. Although, what truly mesmerized her was the incredible transformation she saw when women from all walks of life confidently embraced wearing a lehenga or saree.  While simultaneously recognizing the opportunity to enhance the Indian shopping experience for women in the United States, Aisha strives to highlight the brilliant skills of talented artisans in New Delhi – prioritizing to ensure all the artists are supported with safe working conditions and fair wages.

Harmonizing a modern spin on traditional items, Kynah offers a range of handmade lehenga’s, kaftans, and sarees, as well as casual dresses and accessories for informal occasions. With the intention to offer numerous styles and silhouettes, the Kynah customer can create something extraordinary utilizing custom measurements, luxury fabrics, and sustainable elements. By creating most pieces custom to order, Kynah truly enhances the overall shopping experience by reducing unnecessary waste and granting customers with one-of-a-kind pieces to cherish forever.

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