The Many Faces of Noorface

“Maximum glow with minimal effort;” that is the phrase that business owner and makeup artist Noor Farooq uses to describe the basic fundamentals of her makeup and skincare line, SKINGLASS. From lip glosses to antioxidant enriched facial oils, Noor’s beauty brand’s unique focus on taking care of your skin while you get ready in the morning is something that all women can relate to. Her products are in constant demand and routinely sell out, and as SKINGLASS celebrates its two year anniversary we find Noor bracing for a large reorder of her latest product: the SKINGLASS Lip Tone. We at Estela had the pleasure of catching up with Noor to discuss this and other exciting updates she has for her business at this time.

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EM: What inspired you to found your brand Noorface and start your business?

NF: Noorface was a cute little nickname some people called me, so I thought it’d be so cute and catchy to name my art after it.

EM: How old were you when you first knew you wanted to work in the beauty industry?

NF: I was eleven. I always had a passion for art!

EM: What did your business look like when it first started versus now, over two years later?

NF: Well, I’ve been a makeup artist for over ten years specializing in all areas of artistry, especially beauty. Two years ago, I founded SKINGLASS, which includes products that align with my artistry! Natural, supple skin!

EM: Your company just celebrated its two year anniversary – can you tell us more about this milestone and what it means to you?

NF: SKINGLASS™ just celebrated its two year anniversary! I always thought Id be touring with some cool celebrity doing their makeup all day every day, but to have my own product that represents my artistry and the style of work I do is a feeling unmatched. Because of my extensive experience in the industry, I create from a place of knowledge and art.

EM: Tell us about the new SKINGLASS lip glosses – what makes them unique and how are customers responding to their recent release?

NF: Everything about the SKINGLASS™ brand is about maximum glow with minimal effort, so the LIP TONE Gloss does exactly that! I think what sets the entire brand apart is the integrity behind the products.

EM: Your products are not only a part of women’s makeup routine but also a part of their skincare routine. Can you tell us more about how you develop your products to really boost the health of women’s skin?

NF: I love a natural glow to the skin. While makeup is fun and beautiful, it’s important to manage the skin it’s applied on! So, I created a hybrid of the two worlds: skincare + makeup. It’s perfect for skincare junkies, makeup lovers, or both!

EM: Can you share with us a few client success stories that you’ve had over the years?

NF: My career has honestly been very fulfilling and there have been a lot of success stories. It’s a privilege for clients to choose me, not the other way around; makeup is such an intimate experience. People share so many life stories with me and to be a part of someone’s life, even for an hour, is extremely rewarding. So, my success stories are every single person who’s ever booked me!

EM: What is your typical skincare routine?

NF: Oil cleanse, cleanser, exfoliate, serum, oil, moisturizer.

EM: Do you have any favorite beauty products at the moment?

NF: I’m really loving the Peach and Lilly Matcha Moisturizer at the moment!

EM: How do you practice self-care at home?

NF: I love playing with my dog and literally doing nothing. When I’m not doing nothing, I actually find it very therapeutic to do makeup looks on myself. I’ll cook sometimes, clean, organize and just listen to music. Take a couple of deep breaths and talk to my friends!

EM: Describe your style in three words.

NF: Comfortable, effortless, and chic.


Favorite SKINGLASS product?

Favorite skincare product at the moment?
Peach & Lily and Biossance

Favorite designer/brand to wear at the moment?

Interview by Ashley Dawson

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