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Taoray Wang Ventures into the French Countryside for Her SS20 Collection
Into the French Countryside: Taoray Wang’s SS20 Collection



Women have always had to adhere to gender norm hues when selecting their wardrobe palette found in pinks, yellows, and baby blues. By virtue, a woman in a navy power suit always flipped the impression of femininity into that of professionalism (obsessed) –– then came Taoray Wang. Known for her sartorial tailoring, the designer takes a turn to merge a vintage society woman created to fit into today’s fashions by the use of modern silhouettes that express sophistication with an effortless undertone. By combining different pieces made of lace with straw boating hats, chiffon, and lighter colors, Taoray ventures us into her most playful collection yet. 

EM: Every single time I come, I love everything you do. I feel like your designs are so empowering and it’s just so chic, like it just makes the modern girl boss thrive in today’s society. What’s going on with this collection? What can you tell us is different from the previous ones?

TW: This collection is very much different from the others because normally, I am very much into tailored suits. This time, I’ve been inspired by the French author Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, so I’m imagining a countryside girl wearing a men’s three piece suit would not be quite right. Thus, I tried to go a more delicate and deliberate route by using very light material, great for warmer weather. This season, silk, chiffon, and lace have all been woven to make this new type of fairy tale.


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