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Light Show
May 21, 2019
Estela Digitorial The Golden Girl shot by Ashish Chawla
The Golden Girl
June 18, 2019

Global Runway ATL Inspires
Jetsetting Style in the South


Words Su Salam
Photography Nick Ware


The Global Runway Fashion show was an exclusive event that combined fashion, culture and beauty in Atlanta. The world’s most busiest renowned airport, Hartsfield-Jackson, hosted the third annual show and was emceed by celebrity stylist, author, and journalist Joe Zee on May 22, 2019.

Contrary to previous years, this show offered eight different colorful displays of different backgrounds that presented fashion and accessories. This allowed guests to share the vivid and eye-catching exhibitions on social media platforms. This, paired with
designers having their fashion lines demonstrated, created a modern yet enriching event that on-lookers thoroughly enjoyed.


Global Runway is set to fuse fashion on-the-go through a unique event. This means brandishing styles that can be recognized from different parts of the world. I had a chance to talk to this year’s host, Joe Zee, celebrity stylist, journalist, producer, and media personality about the event. “Global Runway is not your traditional set, it is highlighting all the retail aspects here in
Atlanta, but it is also about personal style and individuality.”

This proved to be true, as those who had their own separate presentations had a set theme, most likely that reflected their own taste in style and fashion. This gave the sense of diversity that embellished the show.


“The show will bring good representation to Atlanta’s culture, since it is in fact, the world’s busiest airport. You already see a lot of different cultures come in to diverge in one place, and I think that level of diversity really rings true to this city because it helps
to show so many different points of views to the way people look at fashion.”

Global Runway was created with the intent of showcasing beauty and fashion within Atlanta through individuality and creativity. This event already ups the large range of style and giving people an opportunity to represent their own eccentricity. It highlights
fashion in a way that is current to the culture and lifestyle in Atlanta, giving more focus to the city.

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