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Words by The FashioNinja

[one_second]Every season fashion enters a “new era.”  This world changes quickly and designers can easily be left in the dust, or even exiled to the uncool if they don’t deliver within the parameters of that newness. Yet in a time when the “new” becomes old quickly, Hakan Akkaya reminds us that fashion only makes a statement when garments are accompanied with self confidence.

Akkaya delivered a visually awe-inspiring fall/winter collection named Glam Rock, honors the over-the-top rock styles of the 1970s – such as the likes of David Bowie and Elton John to name a few. This modernized rocker collection has a black and white color scheme with roaring metallic colors.[/one_second]

The A/W19 collection also has a pronounced middle eastern influence incorporated in the collection. Which includes a long blazer dress with a hijab adorning the model’s head. It exhibits an edgy modern feel to a historic look. The pointed shoulders and glittery accents, catches any eye. These rebellious nuances contrast between the Middle Eastern themes, and presumptuous expectations of the Western World. The same notion can be made about the shemagh (schmog) tied over a white blazer with bling incorporated into the garment. Models wear their hair out with mouth covered and covers her chest in a perfect triangle shape; celebrating the modesty of that part the world with a touch of a Western look with her out.

Hakan Akkaya AW19 celebrates the wild glam of 1970s performers, the modesty of the Middle East and the fearlessness self confidence creates no matter what a person has on.  



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