Sporty Chic Elegance, are not always words that can find their way into a collection but they have;  one look at Christina Yother’s SS19 collection and you feel like you could climb a mountain, after attending a cocktail party, and then stop by the red carpet for a few pics with the paparazzi.

Her clothes release and flow. The materials are soft satins and silks that drape in flattering symmetric lengths, complimenting the body. Yother is the new kid on the block, with her collection showing for the first time as a part of Vancouver Fashion Week. A graduate of SCAD in Atlanta, Yother honed her craft, showing her designs at the school and picking up inspiration from her travels to Hong Kong and Paris. Her most important influence: Yoga.

“Yoga is the dance between control and surrender,” was the designer’s main thought process as she crafted the collection.

Each piece considers a woman with a busy lifestyle, who has a sense of style with a little flair and a hint of calm. Picture someone sweeping into a room wearing the Jasmine Tunic, a chartreuse silk piece with a high slit to the mid-section, that  can be paired with almost anything, including jeans. Many of the pieces would do justice to any pair of Jimmy Choos, but a pair of Yeezy’s is never out of the question with this designers attention to detail and expressed intent to make sure her customers have options.

Sizes range from extra-small to extra-large and the price point is in the boutique designer range, meaning the collection is accessible and affordable. While new, Yother is turning heads and doing what many young designers can only dream of; drawing the right kind of attention to her thoughtful designs.



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