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November 27, 2018
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December 3, 2018


This New Jewelry Line Breaks Cultural & Gender Boundaries

Fashion Editor Sonam Naidu | Photographer Harnek Bharaj | Model Cici Chen


What coincidently commenced in the creative alleys of La-La land as a token of artistic expression has bred in the multiethnic streets of Vancity as an innovative cultural initiative.

Captivating the peepers of the courageous and confident pacesetters, it is indeed an accessories brand embodying bold colors, renowned symbolic findings and exquisite hand-made details. Although, beyond the glamorous tidbits, Namaslay Designs dominates an identity as a universal movement that is passionate about instilling confidence and inspiring social responsibility.

Founded by Sonam Naidu, Namaslay Designs is most definitely an extension of her personal style and the fundamental values that shape her identity as a genuine artist. Despite cultivating her confidence through courageous choices on wardrobe and accessories, the ideology of creating an entity that would strive to bridge the gap between gender and cultural boundaries sincerely fascinated her. In addition to, fusing the riches of beautiful heritages to create a sense of community and significantly impacting the lives of women and children residing in poverty tightly pulled at her heart strings.

The accessories are exclusive, attracting the unapologetic daredevil and the woman or man that keenly appreciates symbolic representation and fine craftsmanship. Utilizing signature pendants such as a lotus flower, Ganesh (elephant deity) and Buddha altered in a contemporary stylish form, each piece allows the wearer to truthfully express their individuality. Today, Namaslay Designs is flaunted on the regular by Indian-American rapper, songwriter and recording artist from Los Angeles - Raja Kumari.


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