Femininity has become this tricky word for the modern woman.  Before a woman even reaches her own womanhood, her life as a little girl is often doused with dresses that can’t get dirty and good posture and pesky table manners.  Traditional societal constraints for little girls force them to grow up uncomfortable, with little wiggle room to just be.

However, traditions are changing.  The world is gradually opening up to women having more and more freedoms to “be” however they feel is best. The strains of tradition are coming a loose in every aspect of modern life.  We have seen a new wave of women questioning how they do this thing: womanhood. In this age of question and so called relatability, elegance has fallen by the wayside. We are living in a relatable age; relatable as in average things.  The thrill of the classified “common folk” have somehow made it way to the public ‘upper crest’ inspiring a generation of people who just want to be comfortable.

Contrary to this comfortable minus elegance trend, Amanda Kamhawy, founder of Satin Roses has married the two in her SS19 Complicated collection embracing the true comforts of elegant femininity.  The New York based brand recognizes the complication the modern woman is facing with this word yet Kamhawy remains inspired to accommodate the complication by creating looks that feed the relatable relaxed desire with the feminine beast that the modern world encourages women to quiet. The societal quieting of femininity in the modern woman is disrupted through the Satin Rose SS19 collection with touches of pinks, greens and reds with a little black to bring an edginess to the fem. Ruffles and pleats are present for moving silhouettes and symbolizing the freedom in elegance and beauty.

Sourcing her fabric from her home country of Egypt is another symbol of that freedom in the elegance.  Being the home of Cleopatra, the 100% Egyptian silk that comprises the SS19 collection is a reminder of her femininity and strength that ultimately won wars and helped her nation to thrive. In the age of relatability and anti-elegance, Satin Roses reminds women that femininity and elegance doesn’t equal weakness, however they serve as a women’s highest strength.

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