Tribes. 2018 has driven us back to a previous, nomadic lifestyle. In the past, our ancestors traveled far; setting up temporary dwellings as they explored the untapped territory that would eventually add to their own narrative and family lineage. Today we have #hashtags that transport us to distant locations or moments in time. We set up a new type of “camp” via geo-tagging and the brands that speak to us and our style. The need to focus on simple, true sensations and elements, on things that are long-lasting, that don’t disappear in a heartbeat or with a click are exactly what Brunello Cucinelli encapsulated with the SS19 collection.

With no styling limitations, the blazer is now the new cardigan. Its versatility adds an urban touch even to the wildest, most relaxed, and adventurous looks, while sleeveless variations carry through sartorial style straight into summer. The masculine influences, coming from tuxedos, double- breasted jackets and military inspiration, alternate with modern oversized shapes with drop shoulders, or even with desert atmospheres, characterized by leather or rustic cord belts.

The combination of contemporary trends and timeless style enhances the Brunello Cucinelli distinctive elements: the freedom to define one’s own identity in a multicultural age, giving value to instinct without sacrificing trends and modern aspirations. Authenticity and craftsmanship translate into an allure that is both rustic and refined, that celebrates the organic and imperfect beauty of natural fibers and materials.

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