“Bespoke & Bejeweled: Get to Know Rina of RD Designer Studio


[one_second]As an adolescent teenager, Rina Patel was thoroughly fascinated by fabrics, textures and colors – convinced that she would grow up to be a celebrated fashion designer. She was always thrilled to sling on her adorable purse, dress in the most stylish ensemble that could be pieced together in seconds and scurry out to the shopping mall with her mom to indulge in fads, trends and timeless gems. Beyond her childhood, Rina found inspiration in every form in the world around her. Continuously keeping her eyes on the prize, uncertain as to when she would stumble upon greatness – she ventured into the depths of design, colors and the exquisite nature. Her confirmation to be an influential designer was attained from an admirer, (now, loyal client) who praised her as a trail blazer. At that moment, Rina felt truly invincible – [/one_second]

[one_second]she was implementing relevant trends and she was setting the bar for revolutionary style. Although essentially, Rina was making a difference in the lives of women every day.

Today, transcending from the opulence of modern, fusion staples to heavily embellished, intricate bridal wear – Rina’s designs exude elegance, impeccable craftsmanship and a dose of nature. “I want my work to elevate and distinguish my brand image, I want my customers to feel as if they are in touch with nature” – she adds. A mastermind who’s core values are entirely dedicated to her clientele, Rina hopes to further enhance her skills with buyers globally. More so, she strives to create the best value for her shoppers with beautiful clothing at sensible prices and wishes to eternally experience the sense of accomplishment felt upon seeing her customers wear her innovative designs.[/one_second]

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