[one_second]This season brought a slew of newcomers to the most sought-after runways. They hailed from various corners of the world and brought with them a peek into their deeply rooted cultures and unique visions. Designers like Nandi Madida of South Africa and Vivi Zubedi of Indonesia are among the new names who joined the lineup of all-stars on the official schedule. Designers Chung Chung Lee and Younhee Park of Concept Korea brought the funk and decadence that is Korean streetwear while Marcel Ostertag – a favorite of ours from Germany – returned to dazzle us with his vintage-inspired collection.[/one_second]
[one_second]While we always look forward to attending the shows of the seasoned, familiar designers, we always anticipate the emerging and fresh talents that hail various corners of the world to present on the most sought-after runways. Here’s a peek of the hottest, standout and inspiring F/W collections from NYFW. [/one_second]

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