ESTELA FASHION: New Blood - Human the Collective Statement Piece
Lookbook: Victoria Scandale FW17
December 27, 2017
January 2, 2018

The Subtle Yet Bold
Statement Jacket

Fashion Editor Blasina Salam | Photographer Nick Ware | Muse Patrice "Princess" Channer (Directions USA)
Words Suhailah Salam


Within our society and generation, it’s all about creating a look that will stand out and still be understated at the same time. It’s so simple to go to a local and popular retailer such as H&M or Urban Outfitters to find the right item to go with a particular outfit, but is it as easy to find a piece that will set you aside from another?



HUMAN the Collective, a brand established in this year, is a fresh, emerging brand born in New York. Their main goal is to provide clothes to fit and please any unique aesthetic for any gender, and to bring together a community of exclusive and authentic style. With their ultramodern debut jacket collection, they cater to all tastes, supplying three original creations for dressing down. 

Notably, our personal pick is their ‘Chapter’ jacket. It’s designed to be light, with chest and welt pockets, heavy silver hardware and a collar panel. What makes the Chapter jacket a potentially sought out piece is that it’s rebellious towards the gender binary with masculine features (loose fit, track style), combined with feminine (semi-sheer, black tulle fabric). It's the perfect base for layering fall/winter looks.




View HUMAN the collective's full collection and more info on the brand here + 

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