The Blender Game’s Latest Player

Makeup & Review Renelyn Thomas



We teamed up with beauty blogger and makeup artist Renelyn of MakeupbyRenRen to try the latest addition to the makeup blender game.




At first sight the Silc/Blender looked like a good time.  It was glittery, mini and had a fun squishy feel, kind of like the little rubber balls you’d play with as a kid.  Immediately I knew it would be a germaphobe’s dream come true.  The texture of the sponge doesn’t absorb moisture and product, therefore it isn’t a breeding ground for bacteria.  After application clean up was so easy, a few wipes with soap and water and it was brand new.

I found that due to the size of the sponge it offered pretty good precision.  Doing larger areas of the face like foundation took a little extra time, but the size was perfect for smaller areas like highlight and contour.  The Silc/Blender did a good job of blending the foundation without taking away coverage.  I recommend a stippling motion to get maximum coverage.
Overall, it was a fun new tool to add to the arsenal.  Beauty Junkies should give it a shot to get extra precision in their makeup application.  Makeup Artists should also consider adding it to their professional kits because of its sanitary properties.
Grab your own Silc/Blender for $12 at Happy blending!

Photography Nick Ware
Hairstylist Samantha Gunn
Model Hania Rios (Ursula Wiedmann Models)

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