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Photographer Olga Ush
Model Agnes Bae

What is the concept behind this project?

The goal of this shoot was to experiment with the multimedia, such as application of paint onto the photographs and combining photos into one. Inspired by masters of collage making, such as El Lissitzky and Man Ray, who artfully combined paintings and photographs, I wanted to try myself with distorting my photographs and create a new reality and story of the series. Using a white plain space led me to create anything I wanted by literally drawing on it and deform it.

Is there any significance of the colors and textures juxtaposed with the images?

Colors as well as textures don’t really matter, unless they transform my subject (the model) into a completely different time and space away from the studio.

What mediums did you use to execute each final piece? 

I used my own photographs, some scanned brush strokes, as well as my own watercolor sketchbooks and film negatives.

Is there anything that inspired this project, or was this a sudden idea?

Probably it was just a desire to experiment and to challenge my own skills as a photographer.

Anything else about this project you’d like to share?

Fun fact: The model herself is also a photographer 🙂

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