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Last night, New York City echoed a different type of noise – set apart from the usual sirens and protests (as of lately) – that carried by a brand hungry for peace….and for change.

UN:DO, a socially conscious contemporary fashion brand,  announced the launch of its first collection with the unveiling of their debut campaign, aptly titled UN:LOAD – a collection curated to bring awareness towards gun violence.

Founded in 2016 by fashion entrepreneur Jack Klauber UN:DO is an ethically “Made In New York” brand, inspired by Berlin culture and the increasingly trending Brooklyn aesthetic. UN:DO’s debut collection UN:LOAD is a thoughtfully crafted, gender-neutral collection of ready-to-wear apparel and jewelry. Each garment has a tattered, distressed look making each pattern entirely unique to the garment.

How does UN:DO give back? Twenty percent of the profits going to the not-for-profit organization Cure Violence – an organization that stops the spread of violence in communities by using the methods and strategies associated with disease control – detecting and interrupting conflicts, identifying and treating the highest risk individuals, and changing social norms – resulting in reductions of 40% to 70%.


Estela got a word with Jack Klauber and his inspiration for the brand that vows to create every collection around a social issue: “I want the fashion community to know that through our industry we can use it as a voice to get the word out for awareness – and raise money for causes that affect your society. Growing up in the southside of Chicago, I wanted to highlight gun violence. We shoot the shirts with 12 gauge shotguns. Gun violence tears at the soul of society (and the fabrics) –literally.”

We’re looking forward to his next conscious collection: Unchained, which will be about human trafficking.

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