Estela Fashion + Beauty Submissions Guidelines
November 8, 2016
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November 14, 2016

In fashion, every creator has a hand in defying the status quo. They go beyond what is “in” to generate something that is not only pleasing to their cult following, but to their own eye as well. Their work sets them aside from the rest, as they chart their own path to redefine the industry.


We create what we want and we aren't sorry. 




Check out the Submission Guidelines below for full details on how to submit to this issue:

We're looking for EDGY, UNFILTERED fashion and beauty submissions that speak your UNIQUE AESTHETIC  

1) When sending your editorial, please attach LOW RESOLUTION images, a PDF file, or a Dropbox link. If your images are accepted, we will ask for high resolution files.

2) Please be sure to specify which issue you’d like to submit to in the SUBJECT line of your email. If you don’t have a preference, please put OPEN SUBMISSION as the email subject.

3) Fall/winter trends are strongly encouraged for this issue.

4) A full editorial must contain a minimum of FOUR (4) fashion and/or beauty looks. We want to see a variety of styling in your images.

5) Editorials must contain a minimum of EIGHT (8) images.

6) Images must be titled as “lastname-01.jpg”

7) All team members involved must be credited.

8) All wardrobe designers must be listed for every images in the following format:
NOTE: Please provide the name on the clothing labels, NOT the stores they were purchased from.

9) Editorial credits must be attached with final images in a PDF or RTF file.

10) You may include a title to your editorial or we can provide one if needed.

11) Editorials published in Estela are exclusive and may NOT be submitted to any other publication and vice versa.

12) If we choose to publish your images, you will be required to sign our Image Release form. If you do not agree, your images will not be published.


We will contact you right away if we like what you submit. If you do not hear from us, we encourage you to continue submitting!

NOTE: If you do not follow these guidelines, your images will not be considered.

Ready to submit? Send your images to!

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